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Hundreds of Worker Fatalities
and Injuries a Year

This is unacceptable and, in most cases, preventable.

More than 2,000 people are hospitalized every year for severe arc flash injuries, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. Fatalities in the electrical industry are ten times more likely than in general industry. Unfortunately, many facility managers don’t take preventative measures until after a devasting arc flash incident causes injury, death, and often huge liability judgments against the company.

Mitchell & Lindsey, LLC is your electrical safety specialist. We have assisted facility managers, engineering groups, and health and safety managers for hundreds of clients nationwide in assessment, implementation, and safety training for comprehensive electrical safety programs. Our expertise in evaluating and reducing potential arc flash risk extends across many different industries, including healthcare, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing plants.

Our detailed analysis and inspection, easy-to-understand reports, and excellent customer support set us apart from the competition. We specialize in creating an electrical environment that is safe and ensures compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E programming and analysis.

As Electrical Safety Specialists we provide the following services

Arch Flash Risk

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Training & Programs

Drawings and Docs

Drawings & Documentation

Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing, Inspection, & Maintenance

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Our Risk Assessment includes one-line drawings, incident energy calculations, arc flash labels, and training.

Assess & Reduce Risk

We assist in developing preventative maintenance programs, worker training, and safety programs that can significantly reduce arc flash risk. We survey and update drawings that will facilitate faster response to emergencies while saving time and money.

Find Solutions

We evaluate the best recommendations, including system configuration changes, current-limiting devices, and faster-acting relays to create a safer work environment.

Ensure Compliance

We have 40 years of experience with OSHA, Joint Commission, and NEC compliance and over a decade with NFPA 70E.

Provide Safety Training & Programs

Even the best systems and equipment can’t create a safe workplace unless workers are properly trained. We implement training sessions and safety programs specific to your electrical environment.

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